Most of the framing work I offer is bespoke and therefore each item brought in for framing is assessed and priced individually.

The price will depend on size, frame and mount selected, additional mounts and decoration, frame finish and complexity of overall job. For example, framing a set of medals requires a velvet or felt background, attachment of the medals, possible inclusion of a plaque, a number of mounts and a frame to accommodate the 'deep' job. Although the overall size of the finished frame maybe fairly small, the cost of the job will reflect the materials used and time it has taken to complete. A similar sized frame for a certificate with a single slim mount and " width frame could be a third of the price of the medals.

However, I appreciate a rough idea of cost is desirable so I have listed below some frame sizes along side framing options. Please use these as a guide only.

Ring for a more detailed quote or to make an appointment.


Sports shirts - frames range from £60 - £155

Price depends on whether sleeves are folded in making frame smaller, moulding and mount selected, spacers used and type of attachment of shirt to backing.

Medals and coin collections
- frames range from £35 - £85

Tapestry and fabric stretching - pre-framing stretching ranges from £3 - £10
Price depends on size of article and severity of 'angle'. Traditional pin and stitched methods used.

Reglazing - (standard glass)
Size (short length +long length) cm
  *Drymounting - (onto board)
40 - 65 £8.40   £4.15
66 - 85 £10.30   £7.90
86 - 110 £14.90   £11.80
111 - 125 £16.80   £15.80
126 - 145 £18.00   £24.50
146 - 170 £22.50   £33.00
171 - 210 £27.60   £36.00
*Drymounting - attaching poster/print/photo to a backing board to prevent paper buckle and alleviate creases. Not suitable for valuable artwork.


These prices are a guide only. Please ring for a more detailed quote or to make an appointment. 01753 542869

Size Code A Code B Code C Code D
length + width in cm - (Add together one length and one width of item to be framed)
upto 45cm
upto 70cm
upto 90cm
£34.15 £40.15 £54.30
upto 110cm
£38.60 £43.25 £50.80 £66.30
upto 130cm
£49.10 £59.90 £77.60
upto 150cm
£58.30 £73.70 £89.40
upto 180cm
£87.70 £90.90 £125.20
See photos of types of frames available in each code range.
These prices do not include mounts.